Sophia the Starfish Deluxe Package

Sophia the Starfish Deluxe Package

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The Sophia the Starfish pack contains a lovingly made Sophia toy, poking mischievously out of its Story out of the box, and a beautifully illustrated Sophia the Starfish book. The boxes are designed with the design of Sophia’s home, the sea, and a superb under-the-sea panorama!

Stories Out Of The Box is quite a unique project which started as a Mole (Mouse) hill and is fast turning into the Mountins!

Why is it unique?

  1. All the profits go to an amazing charity, Te Aud, based in the North - East of Romania and focused on bringing access to education closer to Romanian children.
  2. The book and toy, literally, go hand-in-hand, once they have popped out of the box!
  3. The book's message is that difference is strength
Like all the best stories, Sophia's story was born out of curiosity, an over active hobby and absolute love for children!

The story behind the STORY

About Author

Daniel Kearvell

Daniel Kearvell is the Managing Director of DHL Express Romania. He is also a lover of all literature, from Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton in his childhood, to the Russian classics during his undergraduate studies in the UK.