Sophia the Starfish book
Sophia the Starfish book

Sophia the Starfish book

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Sophia the Starfish tells the incredible story of why Starfish came to be called Sea Stars, and not only! Did you ever wonder how Starfish learned to re-grow their legs, or how they became able to apparently turn somersaults in the sand? All this, and more, is revealed in this magical book, which tells the story of why rejection can have a happy ending!

Like all the best stories, Sophia's story was born out of curiosity, an over active hobby and absolute love for children!

The story behind the STORY

About Author

Daniel Kearvell

Daniel Kearvell is the Managing Director of DHL Express Romania. He is also a lover of all literature, from Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton in his childhood, to the Russian classics during his undergraduate studies in the UK.