Never Giving UP!

Faced with rejection after rejection, Sophia the Starfish considers the fact that she may never be accepted by what she considers to the her own species. And yet in never giving up, she has caught the attention of someone who can change her life, for the better, and for good. Sophia the Starfish celebrates the victory of persistence over rejection, and contains more than a little twist! Children will love this rollercoaster story of adventure under-the-sea, with its thought-provoking challenge on questions of identity and triumph through perseverance

Sophia has lots of friends…

Sophia is a loveable, playful little starfish, whose only wish is to play, make friends and have fun! She is a character parents and children will relate to alike, carefree and happy, but whose constitution makes this a challenge! However, her outgoing nature captures the imagination of a very special friend, whose intervention is to change not only Sophia’s life, but that of her entire species!