Who is Sophia?

Sophia is a loveable, playful little starfish, whose only wish is to play, make friends and have fun! She is a character parents and children will relate to alike, carefree and happy, but whose constitution makes this a challenge! However, her outgoing nature captures the imagination of a very special friend, whose intervention is to change not only Sophia’s life, but that of her entire species!



Stories Out Of The Box is quite a unique project which started as a Mole(Mouse)hill and is fast turning into a Mountain!
Why is it unique?
1) All the profits go to an amazing charity, Te Aud, based in the North-East of Romania
2) The book and toy, literally, go hand-in-hand, one they have popped out of the box!
3) The book’s message is that difference is strength!
Like all the best stories, Maya the Mouse was born out of curiosity, an over-active hobby and love!

The Plaice from the Place
and Ray the Mantra Ray

Both the Plaice from the Place and Ray the Mantra Ray are unfriendly, unwelcoming creatures from the sea who, rather than celebrating Sophia’s difference, reject her efforts to come and place with them…leading her onto the beach and the incredible encounter with Magic Mr Star!

Magic Mr Star

Magic Mr Star is a magical, mystical character who waves his magic wand upon seeing Sophia on the beach….like the very best stars, Magic Mr Star, seeing Sophia’s persistence, makes possible the possible, and in doing so, changes the lives of Sophia and Starfish forever!

Stories out
of the BOX

Maya and Sophia have lots of friends, as you’d expect from such an adventurous and mischievous – yet loveable! – little creatures. Here are just a few of them; you’ll be hearing more from them in due course…..

Isabella the Iguana

Megan the Monkey

Caitie the Crab

Annabelle the Anteater

Isla the Ibis