Sophia the Starfish


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The Sophia the Starfish pack contains a lovingly made Sophia toy, poking mischievously out of its Story out of the box, and a beautifully illustrated Sophia the Starfish book. The boxes are designed with the design of Sophia’s home, the sea, and a superb under-the-sea panorama!

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Sophia’s Characters

Sophia is an endearing tale of a happy-go-lucky starfish who is searching for her identity, and more importantly, friends to play with! Frustrated by her lack of success, but never giving up, she has a magical encounter with someone who not only changes her life, but that of her whole species!

Stories out
of the BOX

Maya and Sophia have lots of friends, as you’d expect from such an adventurous and mischievous – yet loveable! – little creatures. Here are just a few of them; you’ll be hearing more from them in due course…..

Isabella the Iguana

Megan the Monkey

Caitie the Crab

Annabelle the Anteater

Isla the Ibis