The Meaning of Maya the Mouse

We can all learn from Maya’s adventures! It’s difficult enough being a little mouse out in the wild, but as a mouse with a stripe-on-her-back, Maya’s really up against it! As an uplifting affirmation of the strength of difference, Maya uses all of her skills to outwit her predators….whilst learning a lesson or two along the way!


Survival of the Smartest!

How often are children singled out for being different? Difference, as Maya teaches us, is strength. The book and toy back is an ideal started point from which to teach your children about the strength of difference, diversity and how much we have to celebrate from each other – especially that those of us a little out of the ordinary should be celebrated!

We overcome issues

Every one of the “Stories out of the box” tells the story triumphing in the face of adversity. Some of the stories tell of animals in danger, some of them overcome troubles and challenges, some of them live under the sea, in fields and in jungles….but they share the common value of demonstrating how any disadvantage can be turned into an advantage, and how “never give up” should be in every children’s vocabulary. Stories out of the box is a genuinely uplifting collection of beautifully illustrated stories whose message can be turned to time and again as a good example for children

Stories out
of the BOX

Maya and Sophia have lots of friends, as you’d expect from such an adventurous and mischievous – yet loveable! – little creatures. Here are just a few of them; you’ll be hearing more from them in due course…..

Isabella the Iguana

Megan the Monkey

Caitie the Crab

Annabelle the Anteater

Isla the Ibis