Who is MAYA?

Maya is a character to whom parents will immediately relate….running out of the house, forgetting her breakfast, to comb her tail and – particularly devastatingly for a mice with a stripe-on-her-back! – forgetting to put on her special mouse coat….out in search of fun and games, she immediately steps into a situation even more serious than she could have ever imagined….before fighting back, using her brain and the strength of difference in the face of adversity!



Children will instantly warm to Maya, nose just waiting to be poked and tail poked – as she sets out on her adventure. Beautifully classically illustrated, children will immerse themselves in her journey of discovery, thrill at her fearless encounter with danger, and reflect upon how she uses what otherwise would be her natural disadvantage to fight off unwanted advances – before drawing a conclusion or two herself!

Mummy Mouse

As good Mummies everywhere, Mummy Mouse takes good care of little Maya, worrying about her eating her breakfast, combing her tail and putting her special mouse coat on. And like all Mummies, she just might know best!

Donny the Dog

Maya’s trusted companion, and her favourite playmate. And with such long, floppy ears and a tail to match, it’s no surprise that they are such good friends! With a patch on his eye, Donny is Maya’s go-to friend, in and outside of her little house

The Crow

Dark, menacing and swooping low in search of a little mouse, well, just like Maya....the crow is a dark and dastardly character that Maya has to use all her wits against….

Stories out
of the BOX

Maya and Sophia have lots of friends, as you’d expect from such an adventurous and mischievous – yet loveable! – little creatures. Here are just a few of them; you’ll be hearing more from them in due course…..

Isabella the Iguana

Megan the Monkey

Caitie the Crab

Annabelle the Anteater

Isla the Ibis