First and foremost, my inspiration for these stories, I believe comes from absolutely the best source possible: my daughters, who, through no coincidence, are called Maya and Sophia! The writing itself, in my experience, is the fastest part, followed by the illustrations, and as they are both story and toy packs – the production of the other materials. Each story is packaged, and, as the name suggests, come out of the box!

I am an avid reader. I prefer reading originals, rather than on an electronic device, so am rather old fashioned in this respect! I read all sorts of different books and genres: from Russian classics, Russian theatre, history books, modern stories and sports autobiographies . Russian literature was my first love, as a teenager – Chekhov, Turgenev and Gorky - and particularly also the works of George Orwell.


Daniel Kearvell

Writing has always been a hobby of mine, but the children’s book project really came about by chance: I had written a story meant only for me to read to my eldest daughter, Maya. The way it came about almost in itself is a story: I showed it to a friend, who was an illustrator, who told me that he would illustrate it, and a friend said that he could print it, and cause I am supporting was one that I was looking for in any case! So I suppose this was a series of happy coincidences, really – one which I am very happy happened.

Stories out of the box

Stories out of the box is a charity project, with the funds raised going towards Te Aud Romania, a charity improving the lives of poor and disadvantaged children in the Suceava County of Romania. It is the project’s hope that all of these activities will expand and develop further in the future.

As a charity

Daniel Kearvell is the Managing Director of DHL Express Romania. He is also a lover of all literature, from Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton in his childhood, to the Russian classics during his undergraduate studies in the UK. Whist Daniel’s career took him into the wonderful world of logistics, his passion for books remained, and Maya the Mouse is the first in the series of Stories Out Of The Box written based on his daughters and nieces. Daniel hopes to raise money for Te Aud Romania, whilst promoting Difference As Strength across schools in Romania and beyond. He is indebted to his wonderful wife Maria for her patience and support during this indulgent undertaking!