Stories out of the box is a charming series of children’s books which celebrate loveable animals which are, well, a bit different! Popping out of the box with their larger-than-life personalities, these furry little creatures have one thing in common: they battle through against challenges and adversity, celebrating their diversity!


Stories out of the Box: The Journey

Stories out of the box continues to go from strength to strength! Whilst you may have heard of Maya the Mouse and Sophia the Starfish, you’ll be hearing more from their equally loveable cousins in due course, including Isabella the Iguana and Megan the Monkey! All of them share the common challenge of battling through in the face of adversity, and proving once and for all that difference and diversity is strength!

Maya the Mouse

Maya the Mouse was inspired by my daughter, Maya, and Sophia the Starfish by my daughter, Sophia! I always enjoyed writing, and wanted the opportunity to give her something she could keep, that I had created for her. I think that perhaps the best ideas, and inspriations, come from something that is closest to you and to your heart – and this is the case wtih Maya! I should note that I wrote Maya quickly, as a bedtime story, and only when I by chance met Dan Ungureanu, the amazing children’s illustrator, did the project start to come to life as a book – but this wasn’t the initial aim.

Sophia the Starfish

Sophia is an endearing tale of a happy-go-lucky starfish who is searching for her identity, and more importantly, friends to play with! Frustrated by her lack of success, but never giving up, she has a magical encounter with someone who not only changes her life, but that of her whole species!

Stories out
of the BOX

Maya and Sophia have lots of friends, as you’d expect from such an adventurous and mischievous – yet loveable! – little creatures. Here are just a few of them; you’ll be hearing more from them in due course…..

Isabella the Iguana

Megan the Monkey

Caitie the Crab

Annabelle the Anteater

Isla the Ibis